Ceramics for Supper

All images by Greta van der Star


Summer Dinner 2017

Summer Dinner was our first event, held in December 2017 at Scarecrow Cafe in Auckland. 40 ceramic bowls were donated for the occasion, selected by guests on arrival, and taken home after.

Scarecrow partnered with us to host a three course meal and drinks. Proceeds were donated to Rainbow Youth, who work in support of queer and gender diverse youth in Aotearoa.

The ceramicists

This event relied on the generosity of these amazing ceramicists:


Monique Redmond

Richard Orjis

Kirsten Dryburgh

Harriet Stockman

Heather Hayward

Hayley Vujcich

Paul Neason

Gradon Diprose

Fuyuko Akiyoshi

Erica van Zon

Harold Barton

Ace Firers

Susan Christie

Holly Houston


Thea Ceramics

Tamara Nelson-Rookes

Lil Ceramics

Renee Boyd

Eloise Worrall-Bader

Paul Melser

Fiona Jack

Peter Lange

Suzy Dunser

Miss Tash Ceramics

Thanks to

We would also like to thank:

Greta Van Der Star

Scarecrow Cafe

Niamh Swannack